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Mexico City


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Infy Mexico


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Infosys Mexico

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  • Check all break areas and straighten up as needed. Make sure coffee areas are stocked and cleaned. Bins in coffee machines should be emptied frequently during the day. Replenish snacks, creamers, sugar, utensils, napkins, etc. in their respective bins in pantry for employees use and order more if pantry store is running low on stock. Tables and surrounding areas are to be kept clean by making sure there are no spills/falls. Use the supplies already provided on the counter top or in the cabinets.
  • Check all meeting rooms for cleanliness. If need be, clean table, remove excess cables, straighten chairs, clean white boards, remove trash, and take away all excess marker pens (each room should have only 2 - see if they write). Meeting rooms should be clean and presentable at all times. Receptionist should run through the room after each meeting/conference. If the user of the room has not adhered to Infosys standards of leaving the whiteboard clean, taking away all papers, etc.; receptionist should send out a courteous email to employee requesting him/her to be aware of these policies and be considerate to fellow employees working in the same office. Make sure there are no unwanted papers lying on the conference table. No telephone/data cables must be hanging in the room or on the table. Check if all equipment items that were brought in including cables and extension cords are taken away. Check if any chairs that are pulled from a cubicle or meeting room for a meeting need are returned to their original location. Send out periodic reminder emails to employees about keeping the facilities clean.
  • Check employees visually for their ID badges when they enter the office. Do not allow any person without an Infosys ID badge or visitor pass inside the premises. Receptionists ID badge or security key/buzzer should be used to open the doors only after the Premises Access Policy has been adhered to. Receptionist will be held fully responsible for any person entering the premises through main doors without proper ID badge on him/her.

  • This an onsite position for the offices located in Monterrey (Santa Maria)
  • Bilingual (English and Spanish)
  • Payroll schema + benefits package

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