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Infosys Limited


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  1. Market Development
The Manager – Client Services persuades clients to provide industry-wide references in order to support revenue growth outside the account and increase ROI on events.
  1. Customer Prospecting
The Manager – Client Services provides client introductions, customer context etc. S/He supports the HBU G/EM's efforts in his / her account in order to open diverse service-lines (HBUs) in his/her account.
  1. Opportunity Identification and Qualification
The Manager – Client Services will navigate the account to identify varied kinds of deals in the account in order to increase Infosys' revenue and HBU mix and improve market share.
  1. Proposal Development
The Manager – Client Services will form pursuit team across Bus / external partners if needed. S/He positions client-facing team with client, explain client context, coach the pursuit team, suggest win price and drive this among various BUs based on competitive intelligence, future potential, positioning with client. S/He drives consensus between BU’s on pricing (including revenue transfer if required). S/He recommends and defends win-price at the appropriate levels (considering the size of the deal) of management/finance and procure all approvals. S/He is to clarify client expectations (where possible, coach the client on what s/he can expect based on knowledge of the account and industry), and collect ground level intelligence on client drivers and competitor moves. S/He sets expectations and ratifies the solution with the client in order to demonstrate business value to the client and maintain Infosys' price premium.
  1. Proposal Negotiation and Closure
The Manager – Client Services sets up and facilitates proposal-coaching sessions between client and pursuit team's technical / domain experts. S/He drives client consensus or at least neutralizes opponents, articulates business value and drives pricing in order to articulate business value and win the deal at the right premium.
  1. Contracting and MSA
The Manager – Client Services facilitates the discussion for the Commercial Manager, and acts as the point-of-escalation if needed, in order to ensure quick closure of the contract with acceptable level of risk to Infosys.
  1. Account Planning and Review
The Manager – Client Services develops the Account Plan in conjunction with the other stakeholders (Service line/HBU mix, revenues, profitability. S/He will develop relationship map, and market share analysis. S/He communicates and executes as per the A/c plan; and conducts periodic review of the plan with higher Management in Infosys in order to grow in the Account as per plan.
  1. Account Mining
The Manager – Client Services identifies the right contacts within the client organization, secures meetings with the clients appropriately; sets appropriate agenda (client context, pain points, industry / competitive context, Infosys value proposition). S/He anchors meetings and closes any opportunities generated. S/He ensures active participation from HBUs / partners concerned, provides account context (including topics to avoid), and allocates roles and responsibilities for ongoing client interactions. S/He reviews meeting material in order to grow the account by positioning Infosys strategically and as an existing trusted partner.

  1. Account Operations
The Manager – Client Services signs off on SOWs / Contracts and follows up with the client to sign off on the SOWS. S/He acts as the next level of escalation beyond the Commercial Manager for invoice disputes, payment release etc. and follows up with the client to release undisputed payments (AR). S/He Identifies the right list of clients for CSAT and follows up with the client for CSAT and ELF wherever necessary in order to minimize revenue leakage for services delivered and enhance client satisfaction.
  1. Relationship Management
The Manager – Client Services handles customer complaints about project executions across IBU delivery and HBUs, as well as negotiates on MSAs and SOWs (which the Commercial Manager leads). S/He identifies and recommends the right Infosys executives (starting with Segment Heads) with whom the client can connect; sets up meetings and sets the right expectations. S/He recommends public engagements / conferences / Infosys events that the client and Infosys can jointly benefit from; gets the clients to participate in events and conferences of mutual benefit; and sets up periodic reviews with important customer stakeholders as per the pre-agreed format. S/He undertakes expectation setting with individual clients who can be influenced before the Account relationship review document is presented formally, publishes action items and tracks them to closure. S/He collaborates with Delivery management (HBU & IBU delivery), HBU GEMs, Finance/Legal and IBU Leadership to resolve escalations, identifies and sells to Infosys executives the specific client that they are required to connect with. S/He prepares executive briefing documents, coaches on high level messages that resonate with account context. S/He identifies the right speakers / hosts including self if applicable (next proficiency) at the conferences with whom the client can connect / address the audience. S/He incorporates internal feedback on the relationship review document to be presented, allocates roles to Infosys participants in the review and tracks action items to closure in order to position Infosys as a trusted, easy partner to do business with, for which the client can increase its spend and be prepared to pay an acceptable price premium.
  1. Merger and Acquisition
The Manager – Client Services reviews ADS' account specific competitor and provides opportunity analyses to Commercial Manager in order to help validate the business case.